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Flo: the startup selling organic tampons in ice cream tubs

Next generation feminine hygiene products are an increasingly crowded industry, with Forbes declaring 2016 'the year of the women-led period startup'

It's a big day for Tara Chandra. The 29-year-old company founder is about to ship the first 2,000 units of organic tampons to small retailers in Hackney after her brand, Flo, crowdfunded £14,198 on Kickstarter in April 2017.

When Chandra first approached Turkish owners of health food stores in East London to stock Flo, many didn't realise what she was selling. "They thought it was ice cream!" she says. A reasonable assumption, since Flo tampons come in a round ice cream tub emblazoned with bright pink and orange lava writing. 

Chandra wanted Flo to stand out in a tampon market crowded with dull, dated packaging. Organic tampons, most easily available to UK women online, are especially drab, veering between white cardboard minimalism and dated, flowery designs. Chandra says: "These days you don't have to put leaves all over your packaging for people to know it's green."

Standing out is crucial for Chandra and Flo. Next generation feminine hygiene products are an increasingly crowded industry, with Forbes declaring 2016 "the year of the women-led period startup". 

Source: Independent

Päivitetty/Updated: 17.07.2017




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