A Swedish startup has turned the air pollution mask into a fashion item - and it's taking over Asia     

Airinum is on a mission to fight air pollution with pure Scandinavian fashion. 

As with most startups, Airinum's founding spark came after a painful encounter with the problem; co-founder Alexander Hjertström had his childhood asthma return while studying in India. "Alexander realized that it was due to the polluted air, and that became the first step to what now is Airinum," says Fredrik Kempe, CMO and co-founder.

After returning from Asia - and realizing that most people can't breathe clean Scandinavian air - Hjertström teamed up with his friends and designed a mask that would confine the old construction worker type masks into oblivion - at least among younger age groups. 

The Urban Air Mask costs $85 and contains "cutting-edge multi-layer filter technology". It's also designed to fit any type of face with a face-fitting system in 4 sizes, a 3D memory nose and adjustable nose clip

Beyond creating fashionable air pollution masks, Airinum says its vision is to create a movement against an increasingly acute problem in the world's cities. "Our world's biggest indirect health risk is polluted air, killing more than 7 million people per year according to the WHO," Kempe says.  

Although his company is headquartered in Stockhom's main co-working space, SUP46, Kempe's big expansion focus lies east. "This year, we expect to ship some 40,000 masks mostly in Asia." 

With its pitch for "An urban breathing mask for the 21st century", Airinum shot to fame with a viral Kickstarter campaign in 2015. The $75k round was Sweden's most successful crowdfunding campaign in the fashion category. 

Airinum recently made a big launch in Vietnam: "Through local influencers and activation events at the top stores, we build awareness and sales from day 1," Kempe explains.  Right now, Airinum sells online in more than 60 countries, and works with distribution partners in key Asian markets.

Source: Nordic Business Insider

Päivitetty/Updated: 21.11.2017




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